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Pureness and Mildness are most valued presents given by nature to every living creature. Babi Mild products have well realized values ​​and benefits of the nature. As such, Babi Mild has selected the best of natural pureness and mildness for care and protection of newborn babies as well as every family member. The conceptual idea in the old days has become the beginning of “Babi Mild” that every product for baby skincare contains major natural ingredients, which are pure and mild, and passes the dermatological test proving that there is no irritation to skin. Besides, the products have been sterilized for cleanness and safety for everyone in the family so that they are accepted and trusted by mothers for more than 21 years. Today, we still emphasizes and have our attention on selecting the best natural pureness to develop products that have most understanding in the nature of baby’s skin, while having least modifications, under the concept of Babi Mild “From Nature….For Babies” (Babi Mild “Natural & Mild”)”


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