Lather Goods Export is counted among the top Genuine Leather Goods Manufacturers in Bangladesh We have been providing thousands of leather products all over the world. We offer the latest collection of Leather Bags, handbags, belts, accessories and Finished Leather Products in Bangladesh. Our premium range of items is widely appreciated among domestic and international clients owing to the product’s features like perfect shine, finishing, color, high tear strength and glossy appearance. 

4-6% of the global demand for leather goods is provided by the leather industry in Bangladesh. Manufacturers of leather goods in Bangladesh have been supplying wet-blue leather, crust leather, and completed leather goods to markets across the world for more than three decades. The largest and most well-known manufacturer of leather goods in Bangladesh is Awa. Along with processing raw hides and completed leathers, the company also produces leather goods for the domestic and international markets, such as shoes, sandals, women’s purses, belts, wallets, and key rings. North America, the EU, Japan, China, and nations in the Far East are our main export markets for processed hides and leather goods. Awa is making major investments in the quality of leather products, as seen by both domestic and internationally exported leather goods.

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