19 YEARS IN THE Export & Import BUSINESS

Since 2003, Awa International has partnered with a large number of companies and organizations to build their brand identities and market their products. Awa is one of the largest and trusted Export-Import company in Bangladesh. This company of ours is directly and indirectly involved with many companies and provides services with various types of products. All the products that our company imports from China, America, Uk, Germany, Thiland, Singaphore, Dubai, Pakistan, India etc. are fabrics, auto parts, leather goods, cosmetic, dry food, imitation, stationery etc. And all the products that we export to Japan, Thailand, America, Saudi Arabia are betel leaf, ready made garments, agricultural products, shrimp fish, leather products etc. The company’s largest division is textiles, providing quality and durable clothing for men, women and children for both the domestic and export markets. There is positive sentiment among clients about our products as we are the only supplier of unadulterated, high quality products.


Your Future Our Business, Our Service Your Success! Our Knowledgeable, friendly customer service is an important part of our success. We are a results-oriented company joining with it’s clients in creating the most effective high quality products to promote your business and give the product/company the best advertising exposure.

Awa International has successfully worked with many International and local agencies.